About US

The Meditation Vault came about through the team at Natura Training Institute, serving our clients and students and providing them with the necessary Meditations to support their unique and individual journeys.

For so long the cost of buying a variety of Meditations was prohibitive, or the time spent searching for appropriate Meditations on the internet becomes a large and time consuming undertaking.

We decided that we could put an ever-increasing number of Meditations on one site, giving low cost access to them, so our clients and students were well supported.

We wanted to be able to offer this to everyone! Meditation is for Everyone and so the Meditation Vault is now being offered to support all with its ability to create, supply and deliver high quality, guided meditation to nurture and support its audience.

Each Meditation is guided – discovering new places, new experiences every week. Supporting and self-empowering Meditations for you to enjoy

There is no experience needed to take advantage of these Meditations just pop in a head set, get yourself comfortable and away you go!

The Mediation Vault is produced by the Natura Training Institute, which is the world’s no1# online training institute for holistic therapies.